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Infinity CM2 Setup Download
Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.37 - general improvements and fixes

- "Restore Backup" config mode updated
- "Restore Backup" allow to select files manually
- Flash file (Scatter) Open|Select|Clean buttons at "Flash" page
- Flash file (Scatter) parser updated
- Flash file (Scatter) selection issue fixes
- MemoryTool file selection issue fixes
- MemoryTool gui minor changes
- "Switch to HS USB" option removed
- Config storage engine updated
- Account Check gives balance and subscription date
- "PMT Info" config value stored
- "Flash" page minor gui changes
- Loaders remote verification revised
- Installer updated to manage previously installed boot-pack
- Required Dongle firmware version: 0153

Infinity CM2 Latest Setup DOWNLOAD
Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.43
- Device/Firmware detection method updated
- Boot process flow slightly changed
- Boot/Shutdown process updated
- Partition table analyzer rebuilded (primary/secondary)
- Service operations updated - red/orange state and bootloader unlock
- Bootloader lock/unlock process flow updated
- Service Report revised
- FileSystem type output revised
- Device handling Strategy type output revised
- scat load & emi management for "flash write" revised
- MemoryTool operations revised and bugs with menu selection fixed
- Security values processing updated
- META mode output revised
- Preloader parser revised
- EMI handling for legacy devices fixed
- Internal changes - memory management and more
User Interface:
- FLASH/META mode selection changed
- DA Protocol selection changed
- Software messages & hints updated
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