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TFM Tool Pro SPD V1.8.0 Setup Download
TFM Tool Pro SPD V1.8.0 Setup Download

Dear valuable user,
We are coming back with the most wanted and exclusive features.

?New Features:
◉?Added SPD Network Unlock
◉?Added SPD Bootloader Unlock/Relock
◉?Added SPD RPMB Read/Write/Erase
◉?Added New UNISOC Exploit by CPU/Chipset Based.*

*What is the UNISOC Exploit?
Unisoc Exploit is Like as Injecting ?Loader. working like as "Universal Loader"
This Exploit can bypass the RSA Auth of Itel, Tecno, Infinix, Lenovo, Moto, etc.

?By UNISOC Exploit Supported worldwide thousands of Known-Unknown Brand Models.
?Supported Branded and Chinese maximum Brands Models
?Supported: Flashing-Read, Write, Erase, FRP, Factory Reset.
?Specially Supported for Bootloader Unlock-Relock, RPMB Read Write Erase.
?Can Grant Permission for Flashing Firmware or Erase and Writing Single or custom Partitions.

?Here are the New and Old Exploit CPU lists:

- ? SC7731E
- ? SC9832E
- ? SC9863A
- ? SC9863A 64 bit
- ? Tiger T310 64 bit
- ? Tiger T606 64 bit
- ? Tiger T610 64 bit
- ? Tiger T612 64 bit
- ? Tiger T616 64 bit
- ? Tiger T700 64 bit

✨Exploit Using Procedure:
Select for Brand "0_ UNISOC Tiger". "0_ SC773X" or Desired Chipset Series etc
Select for Models: Select the Correct CPU/Chipset, Like Tiger T612_64/SC7731E or any Listed SoC.

✨RPMB/Bootloader Unlock/Relock function using Procedure:
RPMB and Unlock-Relock Bootloader Features Using Procedures like the same as "Exploit Using Procedure" Required UniSoc Exploit Selection.
"Select for Brand From Brand Tab "0_ UNISOC Tiger/0_ SC773X" or Desired Chipset Seriese etc
Select for Models Under Models Tab: Select Correct CPU/Chipset; Like Tiger T612_64/SC7731E etc)"

?Exploit Supported Few Brand Models List here:

Tiger T700_64
Motorola XT2159-8 (K14 Plus)
Motorola XT2159-5 (K14 Plus)
Motorola E30 - XT2159-1
Motorola E40 - XT2159-3
Motorola G20 - XT2128-2
Lenovo XT2159-5 (K14 Plus)
Lenovo XT2159-8 (K14 Plus)
Infinix X6816C-Hot 12 Play

Tiger T616_64
Realme C35
Realme C53
Infinix X6823-Smart 6 Plus

Tiger T612_64
Realme C30
Realme C31
Realme C33
Realme Narzo 50A Prime
Realme Narzo 50i Prime
Tecno LE6H - Pova Neo
Itel S665L-S23
Itel S681LN-S23+

Tiger T610_64
Realme C25Y
Realme C21Y
Infinix X675 - Hot 11
Infinix X6817B - Hot 12
Itel Vision 3 Plus - P682LP
Itel Vision 3 Plus - P682LPN

Tiger T606_64
Motorola E20 - XT2155-3
Motorola E32 - XT2227-1
Infinix X669 - Hot 30i
Infinix X668 - Hot 12 Pro
Infinix X669D - Hot 30i NFC
Infinix X6525-Smart 8 HD
Infinix X6528B-Hot 40i
Infinix X6528-Hot 40i
Tecno KG5k - Spark 8C
Tecno KG5n - Spark 8C
Tecno BG6-Spark Go 2024
Tecno BG6h-Pop 8
Itel P683L-P40+
Itel S662LC - Vision 5 Plus

Realme Narzo 50i
Realme C11
Realme C30s
Infinix PR652C - Hot 10i
Infinix X6517 - Smart 7 Plus
Tecno BF6-Pop 7
Itel L6003P - A55 LTE
Itel L6501 - Vision 1 Plus
Itel L6005 - Vision 1
Itel L6503 - S16 Pro-Vision 2
Itel P651L - Vision 2s
Itel S661L - Vision 3
Itel S663LC - Vision 5
Itel A46 - L5503
Itel Vision 2S - P681L
Itel S15 Pro - L6002P
Itel S661LN - Vision 3
Itel A663L-A05s
Itel P662L-P40
Itel S662L-S18 Pro
Itel A662LM-A60s
Itel A665L-A70

Itel P36 Pro
Tecno PR651H - Spark 7
Tecno PR651E - Spark 7
Tecno PR651 - Spark 7
Infinix X6516 - Smart 7
Infinix X6511B - SMART 6
Lenovo L19111 - A7
Motorola E6i - XT2053-5

Tecno RB8S - POP 2X Plus
Tecno RB6S - Pop 2X Air
Tecno L6502S - Pop 5X
Tecno RB7S - POP 2X
Itel MC20 - A23
Itel L5002 - A25
Itel A23S
Itel L6502 - Vision 1 Pro
Itel L5006C - A23 Pro
Itel L6006S - A48
Itel P41
Itel A26
Itel L6006 - A48
Itel A571L - A26
Itel A631L - A49 Play
Itel A662L - A60
Itel A20
Itel A21
Itel L5006 - A23 Pro
Itel L5007 - A24
Itel L5002P - A25 Pro
Itel A40
Itel A41
Itel A41 Plus
Itel A44 Air - L5502
Itel A507LM
Itel A507LS
Itel A24 Pro - A511LP2
Itel A23S - A511LQ
Itel A27 - A551L
Itel A26 - A571L
Itel A49 - A661L
Itel L6502S
Itel A632W-Vision 3
Itel A662L-A60

Tecno BC2c - POP 4
Tecno BD2p - Pop 5
Tecno BD1 - Pop 5 Go
Tecno SA2S - Pop 2 Mini
Tecno BD2 - Pop 5
Tecno SC7S - Pop 2 Air
Itel A23F
Itel W4001
Itel W7001
Itel W6004
Itel W6502
Itel A14
Itel W4001P
Itel W4002P
Itel A57 A611W
Itel A571WM
Itel W5008 - Alpha Lite
Itel W6501 - P36
Itel W5505 - A36
Itel A11
Itel W4003 - A14 Max
Itel W4002 - A14 Plus
Itel A509W - A33 Plus
Itel A37 - A571W
Itel A42 Plus
Itel A56 Pro - W6004P
Itel A56 - W6004
Itel A37 - A571WM
Itel A57 - A611WP
Itel A58 Lite - A631W
Itel A631W2
Itel A58 - A661W
Itel A58 Pro - A661WP
Itel Alpha Lite
Itel A47 - L5505
Itel A51 - W505B
Itel P12 - W506A
Itel P15 - W5005
Itel P33 Plus - W6001
Itel P36 - W6501
Itel P551W - P17
Itel P37 - P651W
Itel S15 - W6002
Itel S17 - S661W
Itel SA633 - W7001
Itel V41 - W4001S
Itel P33 - W5504
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